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The Future of Business Data

Data and data analysis are widely regarded as the next frontier for business productivity and competition

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Unstructured Data


The growth of data generated globally each year

Tech company EMC claims that, by 2020, the digital universe will have grown to 40,026 exabytes. One exabyte is worth 1bn gigabytes.

There has been a rapid development of technologies that allow companies to quickly analyse large amounts of unstructured data, such as social media messages and pictures.

Big data does not just mean a lot of information. It also refers to so-called unstructured data – sensor data, social media outpourings, video and images - that do not fit neatly into the rows and columns of most databases

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The annual global cost of consumer cyber crime

According to internet security firm Symantec, there are 556m global victims of cybercrime every year. That’s 18 victims per second.

These attacks are not limited to desktop users. In 2012, 31 per cent of mobile users received a text message from a suspect source, with an embedded link or instruction to dial an unknown number to retrieve a voicemail.

Nearly half of mobile users are not aware that security software exists on smartphones

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Amount of data monitored by just four administrators at ING-DiBa AG


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Of the digital universe is protected

EMC claims that half of the information in the digital universe is not protected.

Cloud computing is making it harder to track and delete personal data. If you're trying to delete personal information, the difficulty lies in making certain it has been purged everywhere.

Personal data are not usually sitting in one place. It can be in lots of documents, in email trails - it is jumbled up

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Of companies surveyed are using analytics across the entire enterprise


Of companies have appointed a senior figure to lead data management in the past 18 months

Analysing structured data (such as point-of-sale data) and unstructured data (such as social media and video) is essential for businesses that want to unlock the full potential of big data.

According to tech consultancy firm Accenture, 83 per cent of executives see growth opportunities in changing consumer behaviours and 58 per cent identified 'outcome from data' as a key analytics challenge.

Companies will compete on the consumption of analytics and the crucial thing is to get the business ready to enhance decision-making. How do I get the insight into the right hands, whether it is a sales person or a nurse?

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10x faster

Improvement speed of running database applications and completion time for KPI reports


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Skill Shortages

140,000 - 190,000

The shortage of people with deep analytical skills in the US

Research by Accenture showed that in 2012 59 per cent of firms surveyed were turning to external analysts or consultants. In 2009 the figure was 53 per cent.

According to Harvard Business Review, the 21st century’s sexiest job is the data scientist.

Organisations need to look for 'data scientists' who know mathematics but who also have business knowledge and the imagination to ask the right questions. They won't necessarily find them in IT

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Big Data and Government


The amount big data could save the UK public sector every year

Research by UK think-tank Policy Exchange suggests that big data could save the UK population £250-£500 per person in public spending annually.

Big data could potentially save the European public administrations €150bn-€300bn a year.

In the US, President Barack Obama last year announced $200m in funding to establish the Big Data Research and Development Initiative

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The amount of savings Havering Council realised by replacing disparate legacy IT systems with an on-deman model, managed and delivered by Oracle Cloud Services.

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Big Data and Industry


The potential increase in retailers' operating margins through use of big data

McKinsey Global Institute's research indicates that big data could provide a 50 per cent decrease in product development and assembly costs in manufacturing.

Retailers now find themselves in a new era of customer insight - with the digital age offering a rich seam of information that in previous decades would have been unimaginable

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Big Data in Practice


The value of global personal location data to end users

Big data and big data analytics are allowing companies to gain deep insights into all aspects of business. The information is coming from structured and unstructured data.

Companies that have the ability to handle large data volumes in real time, undertake predictive modelling and automate decision-making and action-taking will be better able to exploit the insights gained from analysing big data.

Big data is proving a fertile ground for the growth of new business models as companies find ways to combine the vast wealth of available information

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The amount of real-time data, collected from mission critical apps, that Türk Telekom can analyse.

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